Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Speak like a child...

Out of the mouths of babes, right? Not exactly, in my case. I was a special case who was considered a 'late talker.' I was petrified of speaking even to my own family when I was a small child. My mother feared for me, believing me to be mute, or worse. Her father had faith in me, pleading for patience for those around me to wait until I was ready to express myself. In time, after intensive speech therapy at W.E. Cherry Elementary School in Orange Park, Florida, I was finally enabled to speak without fear. In finding a voice for myself, I dare say that I have not stopped talking since then. I am grateful to my mentors and my friends for giving me the courage to find my voice. My spiritual development really reached a new high when my Sunday school teacher, Roma Cox, asked me to emcee a talent show at a Southeast Youth of Unity regional gathering. I was not sure if I could take the microphone and share my voice when I was barely getting my sea legs with speaking in front of a crowd. Thank you, Roma, for showing me what I could do and can do! I succeeded in ways that I never imagined. And, I went on to share with my congregation my experiences from international Youth of Unity conference at Unity Village. My fears were allayed when my pastor, Rev. C. Thomas Sikking advised me to speak to my congregation with confidence. And, if all else failed, he said that I should look at people's foreheads and focus my gaze on the spirit in the room if only I was looking at the clock in the sanctuary. This empowered me to later give medical briefings in the Air Force, to go into education and to have the privilege of giving a Sunday sermon at Unity of Gainesville, Florida. We do not know what we can do until we are inspired to do what we can do. Can you? I know you can!

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