Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Forget what Prince says, I say that we party like it's 1966! This is the year that my beloved Baltimore Orioles won the World Series by sweeping the Los Angeles Dodgers (Sorry, Sandy Koufax!) to win all of the marbles. This past year has been one of achievement for my students as my Scholar Bowl team won the Duval County scholar bowl championship. We did not gain this prestige by just hoping for victory, however. It was through years of practice and hard work - and with help from our community and a phenomenal assistant coach - that we pulled together and achieved something that no other Scholar Bowl team had done in our school's history! The laurels are great, but we must never forget that it did not come easy. It was through blood, sweat and tears that we won this great honor. By keeping your eyes on the prize, you also can reach for the stars and share your own light with the world. We all can be Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson or even Cal Ripken if we motivate ourselves to do our best in what we do. It does not matter how humble our work is. As Abraham Lincoln said, if you are going to be a rail splitter, be the best rail splitter that you can be! I can't believe in YOU if you don't believe in yourself first! PLAY BALL!!!

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