Sunday, August 5, 2012

Life at the Meeks Compound

I am a very confused person.

It's not as much my permanent state of mind, but how I feel whenever someone says "John Meeks."

There are four men here who share the same name.

The first, my grandfather, turns 90 years old next month. This weekend, the town of Idlewild dedicated a park to him. It was a real joy to see this sweet Michigan town pay tribute to my Grandpa John.

The second and third are my father and my uncle. My dad is "John L." and my uncle is "Jack" for purposes of keeping things simple among the Meeks clan.

The youngest of the John Meeks club is yours truly. Thanks to great family, friendship and food this summer, my belly is slowly expanding to be like the first three Johns with the same last name. Note to self: time to hit the treadmill upon my return to Florida - LOL.

I was honored to participate in an interview with local television crew about my grandfather and the dedication of my grandfather's park. This event reminds me the good that lies in my name and the duty that I have to maintain my end of it in my corner of the world.

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