Monday, August 27, 2012

Like a Mad Man

Not since "Melrose Place" in the 1990s that I have been riveted to a television series that has me all hyped-up over my 'stories' in ways that resemble my mother's fervor for "The Young and the Restless" and "Guiding Light." I should have known that this would be my new mania because I majored in communications and graduated from the University of North Florida and because I have always been fascinated by media history since I was old enough to read the newspaper. Instead, I denied myself this indulgence because I was always reluctant to buy into 'hype' around a television program because, more often than not, the Nielsen ratings have more clout than a loyal cadre of viewers who flinches at the fickleness of the American viewing public. But, I digress... I was summering in Bath, Maine with a friend of mine from junior high school. She was in love with Don Draper and was engrossed in the retro chicness of its era and the Martini-soaked lives that drifted through the smoke. I was on vacation and I was curious. Then, I was hooked. What is the point of blogging about a popular AMC program in a blog about a spiritual journey? Well, advertising can be broken down to selling and promoting one's talents. When we identify the skills and talents that we believe are marketable, we can direct our gifts into work for everyone's abundance. I used to say that I could never sell anything. Working as a telemarketer does wonders for the ego. Having been hung up on so many times and seeing that sales is something unattainable, I was selling myself short as well. I learned from my aunt that it was important to do what I like and to like what I do because the real value resides in not just the paycheck but the big picture. The pay may vary, but the satisfaction also comes from the intangibles. It means a lot to me to see former students and they let me know how grateful they are - and so am I.

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