Sunday, January 3, 2016

Beyond the zombies: 'The Walking Twelve'

"It's more than just zombies."

When I first heard of 'The Walking Dead,' I assumed that this series was not for me. I was not interested in watching gratuitous violence and gore for a mindless indulgence.

After being urged by a friend, I took a chance on TWD during a holiday weekend. Thanks to Netflix and a well-timed AMC marathon, I was able to get caught up in time for the second half of the fifth season.

I learned to love what became a mindful indulgence for me. What I mean by mindful is that, instead of just mental chewing gum, watching TWD provides me with much more food for thought than most television. This was an open door for me to explore spirituality through Rick Grimes and his circle. What makes the 'good' guys good? From there do they draw their strength? What can we learn from them?

Basing my thoughts on The Twelve Powers by Charles and Cora Fillmore, I explain what values each character represents to me and how these values apply to our everyday lives.

My book 'The Walking Twelve' is a look at TWD from a New Thought perspective. I believe that it would be great for individual reading, a book study group, or curriculum for high school and/or young adults.

Buy your copy today! From proceeds from this book, I will be donating to the Southeast Region Youth of Unity in gratitude for the Truth lessons that I received growing up.


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