Saturday, January 30, 2016


The struggle is real.

And so is the solution.

Every pageant contestant can tell us about how they value world peace. It's a simple cause to advocate because it is of universal concern - excepting, of course the fanatics out there.

We're thinking globally, but want for ways to act locally.

And let's think very locally --- very micro.

I was washing dishes this morning when I felt like I needed a sandblaster to clean one plate. With each revolution of my hand, I grumbled. I complained. I cursed the stuck-on bits of food.

I noticed that it felt like I was massaging my plate.

The motion of my hand changed as the context of this chore changed. I became mindful. I became relaxed. I became. I was the focused Karate Kid of dish washing.

The work is going to always need to be done. I learned a great deal about how an attitude can change things.

Maybe instead of let there be peace on Earth...

Let there be a global attitude adjustment, and let it begin with me. [Smile]

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Peace be with you!

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