Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Homegrown business needs your love!

I am biased, I must say in advance because I am promoting a great business that happens to be owned and operated by a person who happens to be a former student of mine - and this student is going into the United States Air Force! Well, this former Airman First Class is going to ask for your help anyway!

Pyne Tree Organics makes organic soaps, candles, shampoo and other toiletries and is not just a part of the process, Pyne Tree Organics IS the process. Not only does Pyne Tree create, Pyne Tree will teach others how to make organic goodies of their own.

Pyne Tree Organics of Yulee, Florida is now vying for funding to help their dream come true. Intuit is sponsoring a competition that will help support 15 homegrown businesses. To vote for Pyne Tree, please visit Small Business Growing Strong and vote for Pyne Tree Organics!

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