Sunday, November 30, 2014

Walking and laughing

As with a lot of television, I find myself late to the party with The Walking Dead. I really was not interested in watching before because I was all about Mad Men and did not take a liking to the science fiction genre. I wasn't interested in Breaking Bad either.

All it took was Rosie Larsen and that story changed. Well, it was actually my increasing need for new binge watching shows when I finished watching 'The Killing.' By the time I reached the end of my run with Linden and Holder, I decided to take the advice of members of my 'Covert Crew' fans of Covert Affairs.

It was early November and I was beginning Season One of a show that many around me were bursting with potential spoilers. I watched one or two episodes after work and ran though a few more on the weekends. I was amazed to be getting through the seasons that followed the brief first season. I hoped and hoped that I would be finished with the fourth season so I could seamlessly catch the Season Five marathon and then the mid-season finale.

Did I make it? Yes. And, now, I must wait until the second half of the season. In the meantime, enjoy some memes.

I created none of these memes but I found them on the Internet and thought that they made great comic relief!

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