Saturday, September 1, 2012

Believe! - New lessons for YOU

Photo: (Pictured from right) May Rowland attends the cornerstone laying ceremony at Unity Church of Jacksonville at the corner of Lomax and May Streets with Rev. William N. Grenson and Rev. Dr. Bonnie S. Grenson in February, 1950 as featured in The Florida Times-Union.

This is a lesson that comes from a time of crisis - over half a century ago. When May Rowland wrote "Dare to Believe," it was a world that lived under the shadow of the Cold War. She wrote in her book of daring to believe in Truth through all crises big or small. Today, the Berlin Wall no longer menaces Western Europe and we freely exchange with China and Russia. We still face new situations and challenges that seem today as formidable our adversaries were once back then. I have created "Believe!" based on Rowland's desire to promote right thinking in a modern world by adapting her classic book into a series of lessons for today's youth. I have geared the lessons toward the basics of Unity that form the foundation for the principles that today's Youth of Unity are learning and promoting. I am self publishing this material and am shipping my book to those who wish to pay for a copy. Please see my PayPal link to order a copy today!

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