Thursday, February 25, 2016

I am more likeable than Kanye West. Please pay off my debt!

I love Taylor Swift.

There, I said it.

I am going to let you finish, but I am going to share my two cents that will help elicit a few dollars from you.

Have I gone native as a middle school teacher?


No! I was team Taylor ever since Kanye West rained on Taylor's VMA moment in the sun back in 2009. That's a couple of generations ago for my audience, but I can appreciate her talent.

I can also appreciate Kanye's need to win the battle against debt.

To be honest, however, Kanye is a talent but may not be a winner in the arena of public sympathy --- or even empathy.

If there are those who have a hankering to pay off a private debt but have a serious aversion to Kanye West. For the record, I enjoy his music and his sense of style most of the time. But, for those who wish to give freely, here is a fantastic option.

Send your spare money to my PayPal account to help me pay off a myriad of Generation X debt. The fact that I am still paying for college is in the same league as having a hangover for a bender that I had in 1996. I sort of feel hypocritical when I tell children that college will pay off for them when I know that I am sentencing a generation of people to a lifetime of servitude to a predatory system of debt for the sake of simply making their lives better.

Not that I am trying to be like 'Queen for a Day,' but please consider that I am just one of many who are on this hamster wheel. Help where you want. If you don't, feel free to move onto another website.

P.S. - Taylor Swift is welcome to donate, too!

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